How do I choose a mouth guard for my child?

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Choose a mouth guard that your child feels is comfortable. If a mouth guard feels bulky or interferes with speech to any great degree, it is probably not appropriate for your child. There are many options in mouth guards. Most guards are found in athletic stores. These vary in comfort, protection as well [...]

When should my child wear a mouth guard?

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It should be worn during any sport-based activity where there is a risk of head, face, or neck injury. Such sports include hockey, soccer, karate, basketball, baseball, skating, skateboarding, as well as many other sports. Most oral injuries occur when children play basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Why is a mouth guard important?

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A mouth guard protects the teeth from possible sports injuries. It does not only protect the teeth, but the lips, cheeks, tongue, and jaw bone as well. It can contribute to the protection of a child from head and neck injuries such as concussions. Most injuries occur to the mouth and head area [...]